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Sep 22, 2002

The other admins and I have noticed lately that there are a pretty sizable number of people posting confirmed new/changed talkgroups and frequencies/squelch data in the Ohio forum but making no effort to submit this information to the database.

Folks, if you have logged a talkgroup or frequency and confirmed the user agency and function, please submit it to the database; remember that the database depends upon your submissions for accuracy, and while we do try, we administrators are all volunteers and do have lives outside Radio Reference, so we don't always have time to comb the forums for new data worthy of addition to the database.

Keep in mind that only data which has been confirmed as to user agency and function can be entered in the database; unknown frequencies or talkgroups are not acceptable. If you have any questions about appropriate data for submission to the database, please look over the submission guidelines at:

RR Database Submission Guidelines - The RadioReference Wiki

Submitting information is very simple. Just go to the county in question, click the "Submit" tab at the top of the page, select whether conventional or trunked system data, and a form will come up for you to fill in. Then click send. It's that easy!

Thanks for your continued support and participation, and we look forward to your submissions to help keep this the most accurate source of information available!
Not open for further replies.