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Aug 18, 2007
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Hey everyone, just a quick note in case anyone is out there trying to gather info on the NSPI trunking system using DSD+.

It looks like this is a Motorola Capacity Max system, which is Motorola's version of the DMR Tier 3 trunking standard. It appears that the free version of DSD+ (1.101, which according to the website is now 5 years old) does not support Capacity Max systems, where as the newer paid versions (DSD+ Fast Lane) do. As such, if you attempt to use 1.101 to decode the NSPI system, it will appear to work (it identifies it as a regular Tier 3 system), even giving you a network ID and site ID, however it decodes the network and site IDs incorrectly, it does not show channel numbers (LCNs), site neighbour lists (very useful for mapping out the system), and it doesn't appear to actually show any activity in the event log window. Not that there's a lot of voice activity on this system to begin with...

Using the South Uniacke site as an example, if I use DSD+ Fast Lane it shows L7-5, where as the free version 1.101 shows L8-1.6, which is not correct. Now it is still possible to use 1.101 to get the correct site numbers (with a bit of extra work, detailed below), however given the other limitations I mentioned in the previous paragraph, I'm not sure I would recommend using 1.101 with this system.

To get the correct site numbers using version 1.101, if you're running DSD+ with the batch script included with the program (cc.bat), it will generate a log file in the program directory (cc.log). Delete this log file first, and then run DSD+ for a few seconds - it will generate a new log file. Open that log file with Notepad, and you should see a bunch of lines that start with "SYS_Parms: SysCode=" followed by a bunch of digits. For the NSPI system, those digits should all start with 10.0111. Now you'll need to use a binary to decimal calculator, but convert the final 8 digits to decimal, and that's the site number. Using South Uniacke again as an example, it shows, 10.0111.00000101 - so convert 00000101 to decimal and that gives 5.

And for the curious, my Uniden BCD325P2 (with the DMR upgrade) seems to decode the site IDs just fine.

Edit: It appears SDRTrunk supports Capacity Max, however I have never used SDRTrunk before... so your mileage may vary.
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