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NSRS and the New BC15

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Sep 14, 2003
The new Bearcat BC15 is now available and it has several features that making monitoring easier and more interesting especially when it comes to trunking. From my own experience using one if you program a trunking system like the NSRS you create one system (unlike the BC330, 396, 246 ) and you can create as many sites as you want within that one system. Thus when you enter talk group IDs' to scan you only have to enter them ONE time for the entire system unlike the other radios where you must enter them for each site that you have programmed. The older radios treated each site as a seperate system but not the BC15. Of course you can lock out individual sites as desired and if you have a GPS device attached to the radio and have it programmed correctly with coordinates for each site and a radius the radio will turn on and off automatically the sites as you drive around the service area. A very nice feature. I found the radio at Radio World in Boulder City this morning and I suspect other dealers have the radio. You will like it if you want something better than what you have.
Not open for further replies.