NSRS and Washoe inconsistencies

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Dec 19, 2002
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I see by the description that some of the Washoe system is networked to the NSRS. Reno Metro and Slide Mtn are identical, and the Verdi sites on each system are nearly identical except the Washoe listing puts 860.9875 in LCN-09 and the NSRS Verdi site has LCN-09 as blank. Can anyone confirm which listing is correct and see if we can get the database corrected?

Also, the Marble Bluff site shows rebanded on the Washoe listing but not on the NSRS listing. If it is in fact rebanded then the NSRS listing is incorrect and should be corrected also.


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Jan 7, 2012
I know NSRS does have its own sites near or at the same locations as the WCRCS sites. Different IDs, freqs, licenses, etc.

NSRS Verdi site is SID 01
01 856.46250 (control channel in December when I monitored it)
02 857.46250
03 858.46250

The WCRCS Verdi site (SID 05 as listed for WCRCS) also appears to carry NHP as well as a lot of Washoe County traffic and may be a better one to monitor.
NSRS has its own site at Red Peak that might(or planned in the future) be Simulcast with their site at Slide Mtn (the 3 freqs for the Slide location are the same as 3 of the 5 for Red Peak).

SID 26
01 855.9875
02 859.4375
03 860.9625
04 855.7125
05 860.7375
I didn't find a license for any of the usual suspects for NSRS for Marble Bluff and suspect there's just a WCRCS site there. The freqs listed in the NSRS entry are indeed pre-rebanding and just need to have 15 subtracted.
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