NSW GRN - which sites to scan?

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Aug 5, 2011
Hi all,

I've got my BCD396XT set up to monitor the NSW GRN. I have entered the frequency (main control channel only) for each NSW GRN site as found in the Radio Reference database) plus the talk group ID's I am interested in.

Now that I am able to monitor the GRN, I have some questions about exactly which sites I should be scanning:

- for someone living close to the center of the city, which are the main sites I should be scanning - i.e. just govenor philip tower or do I need to listen to more than just this one site.

- am I right that a specific talkgroup ID will only be heard on a particular site if there is at least 1 radio with that talkgroup ID active within range of that site?

- putting the above question another way, does this mean that to get a wide range of signals (i.e. not just those from the CBD / sydney metro area), I need to scan more than just the governor philip site, (i.e. if I want to get signals outside of sydney, do I need to be scanning sites like wollongong, blue mountainsm, gosford)

- putting the above question another way, if a TGID that I am interested in (say gosford ambos) transmits into the gosford site, is this transmission automatically relayaed (i.e. tx'd) out of the govenor philip tower (or some other simulcast site in central sydney?), or is the only way I am going to hear action in gosford if I scan the gosford site?

I'm using a Diamond x510 mounted quite high up with a UHF pre-amp so I can get good reception of some sites out of sydney if necessary.

Hope the above makes sense. Interested in any feedback or other suggestions.




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Mar 27, 2010
Beaudesert, Queensland, Australia

i think you are correct that you will need to monitor a different site for the Gosford Ambos off the top of my head i can't remember which site i was hearing them from.
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