Numbers station spoof/fake, 6210 kHz, USB, APril 06, 2012, 2020 UTC

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Hello all,

Not sure where to put this, general, ute, BC, I'll just throw it here ;)

A “numbers” sounding station was heard on 6210 kHz USB starting about 2020 UTC today (April 06, 2012). It was alittle suspect right from the get-go, the “buzzer” noises combined with the 00000 at the end, and letters sent, kind of had a minor smell to them. The fact it is near a known band of activity for European pirages did not help the matter ;)

The same message was apparently sent twice.

I have partial recordings of both the first and second messages. Unfortunately all of my recorders were busy on other tasks until I realized this was something worth recording, even if just for the funny factor. So, although I heard the entire second transmission I did not record the CVY callup.

The tail end of the first transmission is here:

The second transmission I got most of. I started recording right after the last “Charlie Victor Yankee” was sent. The tones heard are part of the transmission, and I believe the recording captured them all.

Both of the above transmissions were recorded by me using a Perseus remote in northern Germany. However, I also tuned it in with a Perseus remote in Greece, and it was heard there, although less strong. Those were the only two I had time to try. It was also reported as heard in Russia.

The message has been cracked using Cryptool, and the results are pretty clear that it is a spoof/fake. It is a message from the Pirate sender specifically about numbers “geeks”.

To the source, bravo zulu. It was amusing.



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As it appear to be a EuroPirate, off to the broadcast forum it goes - I can move it again if needed......Mike
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