NWS Chanhassen & others

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Sep 10, 2009
This weekend I have had my SDS-100 in discovery mode and have found a few interesting TG's that I probably never would have thought to listen to.

One of them is TGID-9, listed as NWS-Chanhassen. I caught a weather related conversation between the NWS, the "Mankato Warning Point" and the Martin County Sheriff's Office.

"Mankato Warning Point" was answered by the State Patrol dispatcher in Mankato, so they must be one in the same.

I was using the Carver/Scott system to search. In one day of continuous scanning I came up with 152 TGID's. Besides for Carver & Scott County (where I am located) I also got many hits from Wright, McLeod, Sibley, Rice, Le Sueur and Dakota Counties as well as some from Eden Prairie and Bloomington. Other things that showed up were various paramedic services, North, Ridgeview, Allina as well as Metro Transit Police and some bus communications.

TGID-612 showed up a few times. That lists as National Guard Troop E
TGID-39 was active also, medical helicopter comms. That lists as "Helicopter Communication Centers Common" I heard one transmission on there from someone who said they were getting ready to leave Eau Claire.
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