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NX-210 programming and accessories question


Nov 9, 2020
Greetings all. I work in an industry that issues us Kenwood NX-210s with remote mics. We frequently need to change channels during a shift. When you're outdoors and bundled up in the cold it gets very inconvenient constantly unclipping the radio, unlocking it, dialing in your channel, talking, going back, etc. I was wondering if anything like the KCH-21R handheld control head is available for portables or could be adapted to work with them? Sure would make life easier to have the controls on my remote mic and leave the transceiver on my belt.

Also we occasionally need to dial DTMF codes and we're either expected to memorize them or write them down and look them up all the time. Well, the radio has a memory function specifically for that purpose but it isn't programmed. Is there any way this can be done in the field, and if not, how can it be done? I asked our radio guy and he just shrugged, didn't know anything about it. Thanks for any help!
Jun 5, 2004
No the KCH-21R will not work with that radio, and there is nothing like it for the handhelds. The closest thing you can do is take it to the RR radio shop and ask if they will add a zone with the channels used in the yard that you are working in. They can if you find the right tech add in the DTMF tones for the different DS and control towers you are trying to tone up. When I was at the RR it took going into the shop a few times and building a rapport with the com techs before they would change anything for me, but they did end up doing it. Not all the techs have the read and write passwords for the software either though that why the right person needs to be found. They usually get the radios preprogrammed either from Kenwood or the main RR office that you are employed with and they just pass the radios out to the TM to issue them out as needed.
this is just my experience from working big orange. I hope it helps you.


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Jul 27, 2005
The Kenwood VGS-1 Voice Guide/Storage module would be your best shot. It would need to be installed in the radio and set up via programming, but it'll read off the zone/channel number through the speaker.

As for DTMF, those can be programmed into a speed dial, but again, that's done with the programming software. If it's a company radio, messing with the programming without their permission isn't in your best interest. You could find out who runs the radios for you and see if they would add it.

Easier approach would be to wear the radio clipped to your coat. I have a high viz rain coat that has front pocket designed specifically to hold a radio.