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NX-5800 DMR Site Roaming

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May 5, 2004
Piedmont NC
Does anyone here successfully have DMR Site Roaming on the NX-5x00 series working? Does it work similar to roaming on a Motorola DMR Portable?

If I understand the concept/help file on the NX-5000 correctly, I should be able to create a Personality for each talkgroup on the NC PRN system, each having all of the sites I want to be able to roam to:

DMR Roaming 1.jpg

Then create a Zone for the NC PRN system as a whole and put the first channel of each personality (for each talkgroup) in that zone, and when I am sitting on that channel, it should roam between all of the sites assigned to this channel.

DMR Roaming 2.jpg

Am I understanding this correctly? Anyone actually using this method?

Trying to get this radio programmed on the bench so I can't test if this actually works.



Sep 19, 2008
Sorry to revive the old thread but starting to tinker with this myself. After reading through the manual wanting to make sure I'm clear. Also programming into NCPRN. I make a system for the talkgroup, (say PRN for example, TS2/TG2). Then add in a personality for each repeater site. Move onto the next and make a system for say Chat 1 (TS1/TG27501), and add in a personality for each repeater site under that. Continue this for each one. Then in my zone/channel table, I would simple set it up as 1-NCPRN, 2-Chat 1, etc. Would this be correct?


Feb 5, 2006
I use DMR site roaming on 100's of radios in a commercial setting, there are a few gotchas. I always turn off

Under the Personal Features I turn on Active Site Hunt and turn Off OPen voice channel mode

On the personality i disable dual slot direct mode

Under Scan

I run 200 MS for site roaming link delay
dropout delay 2 s
dwell 2
quick site 0ff
standard -100
site roaming resume off

we Have a pretty good amount of overlap on sites, You biggest thing with true site roaming is getting the RSSI set right and then once we turned off Open Voice Channel Mode the system started working great


Feed Provider
Jan 6, 2015
Elyria, Ohio
Question with your setup on site roaming do you have any voters tied to repeaters in the area?
Thank you,


Premium Subscriber
Dec 19, 2002
Middle River, MD
Unless your ham radio DMR repeaters are set up different from the ones in my area I don't think roaming will work with them. Yes, your radios may be able to roam, but the DMR repeaters need to transmit a every once awhile to have the radios be able to pick up the strongest repeater received. I know the commercial DMR repeaters send out this burst to work with roam.
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