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NXDN how-to setup private group

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Apr 5, 2011
Howdy guys,

I'm a huge fan of Kenwood's NEXEDGE Radio's. I've got a NX-320, and 800(H). Love them.

I got asked a question by a friend of mine, who has a VHF NX system. He asked "how can I have, persay, a separate channel that's still repeated, for just a select number of radios on the system".

I'm unable to answer his question - and I'm looking for an answer, since he'll next ask me to re-program the system to be able to do this. Can anyone explain to me how to do this?




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Dec 5, 2008
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If this is a friend and you attempt to set this up for them then they owe you a favor big time! You didn't mention but I assume you want to do this on NXDN. Both individual and group calls are possible but you're gonna be all over the map in the program software to get it set up correctly. Not that it's impossible to do, it's just you WILL spend some time and lots of reprogramming trying to fudge the radios to do what you want.

Here's a basic idea of what needs to be done:

1 Build ID lists (NXDN window) for group or individual calling. For individual, each radio needs a
unique ID and the list determines who you can call. For group you will need to determine how many
you'll need and put all in the group list with their separate ID numbers.
2 For the zones you need this feature you need to set optional signaling to "RAN and Optional
Signaling" on ALL radios or it just won't work right. It keeps the speaker muted until the proper ID
is received from the transmitting radio. Default is unmute on just RAN only which defeats the
selective feature.
3 You need to decide how the selective call is made. For an individual call all you can do is assign a
button to bring up the ID list and scroll to the radio you want to call. For group call you can also
assign a button to bring the group list up but I think that's a clumsy way to do it. There is a way to
put an automatic group call slaved to a zone. You can create different zones to call different groups
(all with the same repeater or simplex channel) and switch groups by the zone up/down buttons.

I'm no expert by far but this is what I'm understanding by the programming manual. If you can look over the program software for these points, read the help files, and get a basic understanding then post any specific questions then you can get this done.
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