NXDN trunk no voice on voice channel

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Jun 13, 2002
UPDATE: It has started working again. All I did was close and then restart DSD-VC. I wonder if switching from DMR to NXDN caused and issue?

I'll be keeping and eye on this to see if that's it or if I did something else to correct the issue.

I'm trying to monitor a UHF NXDN trunk system. I've monitored before and can monitor the sites that use composite channels.

The control channel follows the voice channels accurately, FMP24 generates the correct frequency, and I even get a voice alert "beep" when a voice channel becomes active. I can see the TG and Unit information in the Voice Channel Console. Signal strength seems fine.

Just no audio.

I have the BW set to 4, Group Voice Calls set to Normal, speakers are on. Monitoring Threshold is set to default. Output is set to synthesize all digital audio.

I have no problem listening to DMR and MotoTrbo.

I've tried other BW settings, but that reverts to 4 every time there is signal on that VC.

I'm sure I've changed some setting inadvertently, but I can't see what it might be.

Anyone have any ideas?
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