NXDN used in Nottoway county.


Apr 10, 2010
Petersburg, VA
License: ULS License - Industrial/Business Pool, Conventional License - WPJH695 - RADIAN INC

I found that frequency 151.655 was using a RAN code of 1, however I only heard what I believed to be the dispatcher, and never heard but one side of the conversation. Didn't have much time to investigate too much, but it did appear to be coming out of the Burkeville area, not much traffic either. Maybe someone with some more adequate time can figure out what exactly is going on at this location with this license. I did hear what sounded to be like a periodic sound that sounded like a control channel of sorts, but again, didn't have much time in the area, so maybe someone else can look into it and try to pinpoint what exactly I'm hearing.

Sounded to be mostly some kind of construction company dispatch

Also the "Digital Status" option I used showed it as a "NEX9". Unfortunately this is all the information I have for now.