NY State Police 800 MHz Event Channels

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Apr 10, 2009
Central/Upstate NY
OK... I "might" have the puzzle all together now on the New York State Police 800 MHz event frequencies. With a little help from monitoring the conventional repeaters at the State Fair this year, and in 2003 & 2005 (2004 & 2006 - 2008 were trunked), I was able to put this list together.

853.9375 127.3 PL NYSP Events 1 (2009 Fairgrounds Command)

853.9500 146.2 PL NYSP Events 2 (2005 Fairgrounds Command, but was 868.9500 before rebanding)

853.9625 167.9 PL NYSP Events 3 (2009 Fairgrounds Command, Midway Units)

853.9750 192.8 PL NYSP Events 4 (2003 Fairgrounds Command, but was 868.9750 before rebanding)

853.9875 156.7 PL NYSP Events 5 (2009 Fairgrounds Command, Grandstand Units)

Notice they are using some of the same PL tones like their "zones" on the VHF system. Maybe keep these plugged into your scanner and see what you hear! Maybe there will be an event in your area and they might be using these. 73's
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