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May 10, 2005
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i found this scanning in n2nov webpage,

Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations,

All valid, on duty units have a radio ID consisting either of an assigned ID (i.e. 23A, 44 IMPACT post 1, 84 HoW car, 120 Special Ops Lt) or their Radio Motor Patrol (RMP) number.

The term "Portable" (i.e.: "ESU Portable to Central") is a bogus radio ID that is intended to do one of two things:

(a) A legitimate unit that does not want to ID itself to Central in order to avoid being added to the available unit run down (or, if already in the run down, does not want to get added to a specific assignment). Note that the unit may be off duty (a good number of members have assigned radios) or otherwise looking to avoid a job. Or,

(b) a phony unit that simply is looking for information. One might be surprized at the huge amount of unauthorized radios that access the NYCPD system on a daily basis - from news media organizations* to buff / paging groups to any of a wide range of individuals that, while some may actually be authorized on select NYCPD channels, think they need to talk on certain other NYCPD channels that they are not authorized and get them programmed into their radios anyway. An example of these types of transmissions include "10-5 that job, Central," oft times with no unit ID put over (a common tactic used when a unauthorized unit misses something like a building number or cross street). Another example includes "ESU portable, Can a get a traffic report on the ___ fill in the highway). Bold phony units will actually try to get away with using a valid radio ID of a real unit. I've heard transmissions as follows...

"xx to Central, do you have anything working on __"

immediately followed by...

"Central, this is the real xx - that's an unauthorized unit."

A sharp monitor will notice that many times when such units get challenged "What unit is requesting?" "xx Portable is not a valid ID" either by Central or a field unit, many times these units will disappear - it least for a while. Some of the better dispatchers know this, but the unauthorized unit sometimes ends up getting answered by a field unit that thinks he's being "helpful." Bottom line: Units not putting over valid IDs should not be answered. While I understand that some cops recognize each other's voices from working among themselves day-to-day, when someone mumbles "fvlksjf Portable to central" and keeps mumbling (or magically "cuts out" the first part before "Portable" when asked to repeat their ID), odds are very, very good it's not a legit unit.

* I remember hearing one exchange on a northern Manhattan radio zone that went something like this...

Central: "Getting reports of numerous people shot on the corner of x & y"

Unauthorized unit: "10-5 the job, Central"

A field unit, angry "What unit's requesting?"

"N Y One news."



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Jul 30, 2001
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I remember the idiot a few years ago, The Voice Of God. He needed he behind kicked in; took a while but they finally caught him. As much as it pains me to say, I understand why commercial radio manufacturers keep a tight rein on their programming software, though it doesn't take much to modify a ham radio.
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