O.P.P. programming.

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Dec 16, 2004
Alliston ON.
Hello I have a few questions. I have been programming this radio's manually since we were using the uniden bearcat 760...LOL I am old....
I and trying to program the 996t and the 996xt. programing going in lower base upper base. fine. everything works.
problem having is STATIC....before transmission and it gets stuck on it some times. there all updated and using proper firmware I think.
my question is does anyone one what the settings are for all the hidden digital menu stuff, Does it matter.?
status bit ON? or Off?
digital end code ?
digital ARG what's that all about
Control tower ON or Off.
I feel a bit dumb. I have been doing everyone's 785digitals and 796's digitals.
these I am starting to think I am out of my league...lmao.
has anyone been having static problems on certain towers? seems my primrose tower is the worse.
I called down to lakeshore they wont due used radios only new...
Any help or input cause a 3lb sledge hammer is my next choice....thanks
Not open for further replies.