Object Oriented Programming "Visual"

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Mar 11, 2012
I recently needed a new scanner due to my County going digital. In the past I only really dealt with conventional systems although I did have a Trunk Tracker scanner. I did manage to program a Trunked system one time but couldn't tell you how I did it.

I did a lot of research, on this forum and others and decided on the RS Pro 197. (Actually it was on sale for $100 off so that was a major factor) Owners manuals with "lists of steps" don't always work for me. I like "visuals" to go along with instructions. So I made the attached document hoping it would help others. By picturing the visual model in my head I was able to easily apply it to the manual and program my Pro 197 without the help of a computer or software. I will probably get some software just for the sake of convenience and not wearing out the control panel buttons, but you can do it without it

I am no expert and don't claim everything is entirely accurate, but hopefully it will help some folks.

For you experts, if you find mistakes let me know and I will correct and repost


Not open for further replies.