Ocala has a new PD talkgroup

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Jan 26, 2008
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OCALA POLICE DEPT, trunked radio system now has TAC 4 in thier radio system. I found this TGID about a week ago, and reported it to my local yahoo group members, but I needed to confirm it for everyone. OPD TAC 4 is on TGID 208.

(Sunday - 3-14-2010) While monitoring the OPD new talkgroup 208 (TAC-4) I heard a radio test being established by the OPD dispatcher... she asked one of the OPD units on TAC-4 to stand-by for an interoperability radio test between that officer on the OPD trunk system and dispatcher of the CITRUS COUNTY (Sheriff, Fire, Rescue, and EMS) trunk system. The test confirmed the interoperability between the two county systems.

I imagine radio testing will continue on the OPD side of things, new talkgroups may pop up for you if you monitor wildcard hits on your scanners, and I suspect that further rebanding and frequency changes will most likely take place in the next couple of days as per the email I had received from the Ocala radio system manager.
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