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Jan 26, 2008
now residing in Ocala, Florida since 1999
On April 17, 2010, Marion County Emergency Management is sponsoring a Hurricane – Storm Ready Expo at the Ocala Airport. The expo will include many local and statewide vendors that will set up to show you how they contribute to the community during a storm and other hazard events.

I would imagine that there may be some special op's TGID's and new channels being used for this event and they may be found today by anyone who atends the event at the Ocala Airport IF they bring a scanner and use it to search the field for near-by comms.

SIGNAL STALKER - the near field frequency capture option on many newer scanners would surely pick these up. As I sit here at home (in Ocala, Fl.) I am monitoring the Ocala PD and the Marion County SO along with Ocala Fire Rescue and MCFR , and while I do not plan to attend this event, I am already picking up NEW talkgroup ID's.

I am using the WILDCARD option on my Pro-106 today, and
I am currently monitoring Ocala Police Trunk System. I have gotten hits on a new TGID of 464 and I heard "Operations to Command"

Marion County Fire Rescue has some vehicles enroute to the Airport for the Expo, and they are all being told to respond on the MCFR Special OP's channel on the Marion Trunk System, on TGID 1108 which is a talkgroup used mainly by MCFR.

Today's MCSO Trunked System hits include MC Emerg Mgmnt CH. 1 TGID 1035 and it is extremely active this morning, being utilized at the event.

The short story of all of this, is to monitor the MCFR TGID 1108 SPECIAL OPS CHANNEL and the MC Emergency Management Channels if you plan on attending this EXPO, and make a note to monitor the new Ocala TGID 464 that I found this morning for some interesting radio comms...

as far as that new Ocala TGID is concerned, I shall continue to monitor it, to confirm that its not just an outside county who is at the event. Use SIGNAL STALKER on your scanners to find more interesting frequencies, as I am sure there may be some great local radio comms in that area today !

HAPPY MONITORING, to all of my Central Florida friends !

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