Ocala just completed some rebanding !!!

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Jan 26, 2008
now residing in Ocala, Florida since 1999
Greetings scanner friends, I can now confirm that Ocala has completed another step in rebanding. It needed to be confirmed, as I was intermittantly still able to pick up some Voice Channel communications, but with very long intervals of non reception in between. Ocala has changed two frequencies:

860.9375 has been rebanded to 859.5375 Mhz
860.2125 has been rebanded to 856.1875 Mhz

If you leave the rest of the channels in your scanners, you will be fine. I
chose to only program in the CC channel frequency and everything comes in fine.

859.9375 is a CC and it carries a 99% decode rate for me, so I imagine it should work for the rest of you.

I have submitted this new info, along with a TGID update to thr RR database on 3-20-2010 to help keep our members informed and our database up to date.

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