Oddball LCN setup for 700 P25 system - will this prevent scanning?

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Hard time deciding where this should go but I think the crowd in here has the best chance of answering the question.

The new provincial radio system in Alberta is finally coming online. Whether it be just during testing or if this is going to be how it's set up for all time, each site has a specific band plan with the lowest frequency of that site as its base freq (and thus LCN 00-0000). Three of the four sites I uncovered today also have that same frequency as the control channel.

There's very little to no voice traffic on this system yet so I wasn't able to test my theory myself, but based on some things I saw with Unitrunker and PRO96COM, I'm a little worried that the fact that "LCN 00-0000" is a valid frequency in the system may mean that scanners can't tune to it properly, and thus won't be able to scan these sites (or tune the frequency that is referenced as LCN 00-0000).

Here's an example band plan and list of frequencies from one of the sites.

Base freq: 771.90625
Spacing: 0.01250
Tx offset: 30
Bandwidth: 0.00625
Slots: 1

LCN 00-0000 - 771.90625
LCN 00-0051 - 772.54375 (current CC)
LCN 00-0180 - 774.15625
LCN 00-0231 - 774.79375

I'm wondering if a scanner told to tune to LCN 0 from LCN 51 using the above example will work or not. Any theories?
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