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Oglala Police Scanner Bigfoot Audio

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Jan 15, 2006
Witness Protection Program
Since mid-July, 2006, in and around the Oglala Sioux Pine Ridge Reservation, close encounters and sightings (see link below) have been occurring with a Bigfoot. Local police have routinely responded and sometimes seen the tall hairy hominid. You have been able to follow here an on-going rundown on these almost realtime reports, not carried by any other media outlet. Now, Cryptomundo brings you the first audio of a recent dispatch of such a call.

On August 11, 2006, Donovan Lone Hill recorded this Pine Ridge Reservation law enforcement scanner exchange and forwarded it to be posted here. You can clearly hear (and do listen all the way to the end of the audio) that a police woman is describing the sighting of a hunchbacked Bigfoot.

Click to listen to the Pine Ridge police dispatch audio. (1.147 MB file)

The posture of the reported Bigfoot, slightly hunched over, giving the appearance of having a hunchback, is not uncommon. You will hear on the audio what the eyewitness at first thinks this is, then changes their own mind to clarify that it seems to be the hunched over appearance of the Bigfoot. The audio is clear and matter-of-fact, as one would expect from a law enforcement agency. But unbelievably, they are describing the Bigfoot that has been seen in the Pine Ridge area for some weeks now.

From August 12, 2006, there is also a new report of a woman seeing something “tall and dark” going behind the post office in Kyle, South Dakota, which is 45 to 50 miles northeast of Pine Ridge. It was then reported that it was observed by a radio tower transmitter west of Kyle on a hilltop. At this time, it is unknown if officers saw anything during that incident.

Past recent accounts from the Oglala Nation’s South Dakota location can be reviewed by clicking and reading these Cryptomundo reports and updates.

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