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Aug 31, 2004
The stream is now active! I picked up another Pro-97 on eBay last week and got everything up and running on a spare PC. I ended up building a dipole and mounting it outside - so far it's been working pretty well.

As far as monitoring Eppley itsself, the way I ended up making things work is a little weird - since I live in Millard, I can pick up Millard Approach great. I cannot hear Eppley tower at all - only the pilots side of the converstation. Apparently the Millard freq also simocasts Eppley Approach/Omaha approach so I end up using Millard for the tower side of the conversation and Eppley's frequency for the Pilot side of the conversation. It's odd, but it seems like it's working well.

Also, I limited the stream to Eppley, Millard and Offutt Approach and Departure only to try and keep things somewhat uncluttered. I decided that I might change things up and switch to Sarpy County Public Safety Freq's (and storm chaser freqs) during Severe WX, but we'll see how things go with this now. I'm still tweaking things here and there, but for now I am happy with the way it is setup.

Anyways, check it out:

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