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Omaha helicopter 5/15/19

Sep 21, 2004
On Weds 5/15/19 around 2:20PM I heard OHAMA the federal helicopter for ICE calling Indianapolis tower on 120.900. OHAMA was not declaring a aircraft emergency. The were letting the tower know that the were going to set down at Eagle Creek Airport The had a open door on the helicopter. They also told the tower that they were going to 122.800 for Eagle Creek. Felt his post needed to be here. They were using VHF am aircraft frequencies 120.900 and 122.800. Always a good thing to monitor your local aircraft frequencies.!!!!!
Aug 22, 2014
municipality of great state of insanity
absolutely right, where i live, if i could put up with alllll the GA traffic i would do the same cause the mil helos are in and out of the local GA airports all the time. but its such a needle in a haystack i only do so when i expect somethings up.

OMAHA is a good reminder of this activity. and to lock your doors.

"ohhhh just un-buckle and lean over you sissy" thats the recording i want to hear...