Onslow County, North Carolina Dispatch and North Topsail Beach PD

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Feb 14, 2012
North Topsail Beach, NC
Thanks to Robbyboy and others for their previous help. I still am not sure how all this Forum Posting works but I am taking another shot at detecting the right frequency for North Topsail Beach, NC PD..

I have programmed just about every Onslow County Frequency that I can find as well as doing a Priority Program for 155.5650 and still have not heard a specific NTB-PD tfansmission.

Once in a while I see the scanner pause on 155.5650 but no audio. It then jumps to 867.68750, or 867.18750, 856.43750,856.71250,or 866.6750... but I only seem to hear the dispatcher and not the car. I thought I had heard an 800 car transmitting but it was on the Pender County Channel and referred to a Pender County call. I have even left it on 155.5650 for hours at a time and No Action whatsoever. Lot of stuff on the 800 Frequencies however. I get NC SHP and some 500 cars, (Onslow Sheriff?) on 856.43750

Another thing I noticed was that the scanner will hesitate on a channel for a split second, display the frequency with a little static and then just click like someone keyed their mike. No Audio though.

Robbyboy mentioned a process on the phone to detect the control channel in Motorola and then search for others that might transmit ? Function, Search,Tune??? Not sure if I got the right sequence.

Still need help to solve this mystery. Maybe NTB just does not communicate much. Any additional help would again be appreciated. Sorry to be a pain. Thanks again Sarge, for any more information you or anyone else can provide.

Jack G
North Topsail Beach, NC
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