Open Bands in Florida, Alabama, & Georgia area

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Feb 18, 2005
This morning around 230ish I was picking up open bands and saw some new systems and sites I never saw. I live in the lower part of panhandle in FL and I have a few freqs with Con+ system and some sites and so on.
I'm using the bcd536hp and a inside Antenna since I live in a apartment complex.

I have look into the Fl and Al search and I'm not able to pin point where it is coming from I have the following

451.2625 Con+ Color 1 Site 6 Network 509 - Picking up 1-2 Bars

451.8625 Con+ Color 1 Site 9 Network 509 - Picking up 1-2 Bars

452.2625 Con+ Color 6 Site 7 Network 286 - Picking up 1-2 Bars Venture Electronics DMR Trunking System, Various, Georgia - Scanner Frequencies (Site not listed)?

453.5250 Con+ Color 7 Site 3 Network 235 - Picking up 1-3 Bars - Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference Database ?

I went to the section you can put Sysid in and I put 509 it pulled up 1 system it is a p25.
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