Open mic? U-AIRS 460.375, CTCSS 100.0

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Aug 17, 2003
Peoria, AZ.
I've caught this a few times recently here at home, and today, from 91st Ave and Cactus Rd where I picked it up, down to 91st Ave and Bethany Home Rd where I lost it, as well as 99th Ave from Glendale Ave up to Peoria Ave, and back to 91st Ave again, I can hear on my GRE PSR-500 what sounds like a continuous transmission on U-AIRS 460.375, with a CTCSS of 100.0. I was using the RS 800MHz antenna inside the car, so it was very scratchy, but strongest in the area of Olive Ave and Northern Ave along 91st Ave. I did not try going up or down 83rd Ave.

Seeing that it has a tone on it, I don't believe it to be intermod or other interference. I believe it's more of a stuck mic, or some other continuous transmission.

Nothing is heard on the 465.375 input.

If someone knows a state radio tech, perhaps you could pass the info on to them, so they can decide whether or not to investigate further.
If a state radio tech monitors these forums, you can do what you like with the info I've presented here.

Not open for further replies.