OPPD Nashville Tower

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May 11, 2004
Murray, NE
Howdy, once again, everyone!

Before I got REALLY busy this Summer and then went on vacation, I was keeping a semi-constant "ear" tuned to anything coming from OPPD's Nashville tower, with no luck.

I haven't been up that way recently to listen, and was wondering if anyone on here has heard anything coming from the Nashville tower.

The ORIN system here on RR still is listed as a site in the 600's, so it doesn't look like anyone has had any updates.

My suspicion is that it would be site #114, since WashCo is 113. Having WashCo at 113, to me, is somewhat illogical since the Nashville tower is an OPPD tower, and it would be more logical to have Nashville at 113 and WashCo at 114.

My review of Pott county's "slow growth" application for their system revealed a Motorola-produced network drawing for the Pott county system. On that drawing, it was very obvious that the Nashville tower would be some sort of "entry point" into the ORIN system for the Pott county system.

Has anyone heard anything different/more?


George B.
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