Osage County Deputy Ejected

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Dec 29, 2004
0010 hrs Skiatook Fire Medic 2 responding to a deputy who has been ejected from his patrol vehicle. Green Country Fire is also on the assignment. Deputies on scene are saying the patient is unconscious at this time. Tulsa Life flight is on alert to fly. Monitoring on 154.325, 156.210, and State DPS.

0028 Life Flight is up, 24min ETA will be on 155.490

0030 CPR is now being reported to be in progress by deputies on scene.

0032 Skiatook 301 is advising that Life Flight will not fly on pulseless and apneic pts.

According to GPS coordinates, the wreck is in an S curve 5.94 miles south of SHWY 20 on Prue Road near int. Peach Orchard Road.

0051 TLF is on final for the scene now on state fire net.

0054 Skiatook Medic 2 is advising TLF can be cancelled.

Please keep the OCSO in your thoughts.
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