Osage County FDs ???

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Apr 19, 2005
Can anyone confirm that the smaller FDs in Osage County are dispatched on 154.13? or maybe 156.0075 or UHF or the Sheriff channels?

I did a little research and these FDs dont have a freq listed for themselves - Airport Road - Antelope Creek - Bar C - Barnsdall Rural - Big Beaver - Big Bend - Blackland - Buckcreek - Burbank - Burbank Rural - Clear Creek - Denoya - Drum Creek - Foraker - Frankfort - Frontier - Grainola - Gray Horse - Hickory Hill - Little Chief (2 stations) - Lost Man Creek - Lyman - Osage Hills - Osage Ranch ? - Osage VFD - Pershing - Rocky ? - Sand Creek - Sarge Creek - Sycamore Creek - Tallgrass Prairie / Nature Conservancy - Walnut Creek State Park FD ? - Warmsley Creek - Webb City - Zink

I have been listening to the Osage Cove FD feed on 154.13 for an hour or two and have not heard a peep yet.


A few other points

Looking at the FCC info

- Avant FD and Blackdog FD should have repeaters now - 159.0975 R and 154.145 R

- Barnsdall should have extenders on 151.0625

- Boy Scouts of America should have a repeater on 461.925 that is located 10 miles west of Bartlesville - that should be "Z Base" - their big camp - not sure if they have their own fire truck or are covered by Zink FD or Rock FD

- Drummond Ranch - 152.30 - 12 KM E of Hominy - unknown if they have a fire truck

- Elm Creek Rural FD is licensed for 155.865

- Frank Phillips Foundation has a 159.75 repeater at their museum at Barnsdall - they own lots of land in the area

- 155.67 is a base to base mutual aid channel - 155.49 seems to be a statewide police channel for bases and mobiles

- Hominy Ranches Rural FD has mobiles licensed on 154.4075

- Hominy has 155.76 licensed - not listed at RRDB - or is that a statewide mutual aid channel ?

- Miller EMS near Fairfax has 453.8125 R license

- Osage Cove is listed for 154.415 WPGD903 at RRDB - might be an expired license

- Osage County 911 is licensed for 3 bases and 60 mobiles on 156.0075

- Osage Nation has aprox 20 cops and at least 2 BIA wildland fire engines but I dont see any freqs listed for them in the FCC ULS - maybe they use BIA channels

- Osage County Jail is on 154.845 R

- Pawhuska has 155.94 licensed - FCC ULS says it is the reservoir (maybe water dept?)

- Pershing FD might use 155.55 - per RRDB

- Pershing Rural FD is licensed for mobiles on 151.55 - if I had to guess - I would guess that there is only 1 FD at Pershing and they have 151.55 not 155.55

- Prue VFD is licensed for 154.10 R

- most of the small FDs might have just 1 or 2 old military 6X6 trucks - they might just fight grass fires - the assessors online database does have photos of some of the small FD stations - sometimes it is a 1 bay garage in a ranchers yard - most of the FDs do not have a website - there does not seem to be any countywide numbering scheme for the fire units - I am not sure if all of the FDs are incorporated or not - still checking at the Secretary of State Corporation Lookup page to sort that all out

- Tulsa Oklahoma area - fire stations - Google My Maps - zerg90 map of fire stations in Osage County - I dont have eyes on most of the stations yet so thats why all the questions marks are there


Jun 18, 2016
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I can confirm that Airport Road FD, Hulah FD, and Osage Hills FD (West of Bartlesville) are dispatched via 154.1300 from the Bartlesville/Washington County Dispatch Center.
The BSA camp west of Bartlesville does not have their own truck but are in the Osage Hills FD fire district.
Many of the ranches west of Bartlesville have their own trucks and coordinate with the FD's that cover their ranches for fire suppression. They will roll their ranch truck with the local FD for mutual aid in a lot of cases.
BIA fire does use the BIA frequencies and, the last time I heard it, they did have a repeater they would use.


Jan 6, 2005
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Fyi Barnsdall has 2 FD's . it has a city and and another which is call Thomas E Ranch . Then there is wolco east of Barnsdall . far as I know avant has no repeaters for there fd and either does Barnsdall . im from Barnsdall that is why I shimed in . also a class mate of mine is the city fire chief


May 29, 2016
Tulsa Oklahoma
Blackdog Fire are dispatched on 154.145 most of the fire departments you listed are slow and emergency calls are far and few in between. you'll be in silence and listening for a long time.

Blackdog are self dispatched by mobile app. you wont get to listen in on the call, however you will hear morse code from the repeater. that is usually an indication of an emergency call being given. occasionally one of the personel will hit the PTT on their radios by accident and give a little seconds of air.
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