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Jul 22, 2002
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Since a few questions have come up about this popular old 'semi portable' (those of you that own this one know why I say that...), I thought I might take a moment to point this out.

My friend Ulis Fleming N3LU's RadioIntel website has a page that's just chock full of receiver resources, including the 2010, at this URL...


There are a few 2010- related pages on the left, and a VERY busy 2010 Yahoo group is also listed there.

It's been beaten around a lot here lately, but seeing as the summer is bearing down on us, it bears repeating - the 2010 is very sensitive to having its front end fried by a stray static discharge. With this radio out of production for awhile, I don't even know if Sony is still repairing them.

The old mantra about an ounce of prevention is very appropos here - WD8DAS's website lists a handy little device with a pot and a handful of diodes that one could slap together pretty easily that might be quite useful in helping to alleviate the problem. In fact, if one were to build that auto transformer from the Hard Core DX page mentioned earlier, and this circuit, it would make a dandy little first project.

73s Mike
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