Outagamie/Winnebago County Unit IDs


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Feb 19, 2005
NE Wisconsin
So I've been working on figuring out all the radio IDs for the Outagamie/Winnebago system for the past couple months. I saw a few were posted back in 2012~2014 in this thread: Winnebago County 800MHZ TRS TGIDS.

If anything has a question mark after it I am unsure of that ID.

I have no idea what radio is being used on quite a few of the IDs, so I simply labeled them in Sentinel as "'Agency Name' Unit". My guess is some are portables but some may be vehicle repeaters, etc. If anyone can add to this list or correct anything I gladly accept the help. Any of the ID ranges under "Other" are ones I'm unsure of, but the agency should be correct.

A list of the on-air tactical unit numbers are found in the wiki here or on the Wisconsin Scanning Webpage. That list was invaluable as a starting point, so thanks to whomever made that original list.

I am missing a ton of Winnebago agencies as I monitor mostly just Outagamie agencies. If anyone has some to add there as well, that would be awesome.

I also have this list as an Excel spreadsheet. I found it way easier to create the IDs and label them in Open Office and then copy and paste directly into my Sentinel favorites list.