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P-25 EF Johnson VHF system

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Dec 19, 2002
I have a new Pro 96. I don't know what to set for base and offset with it with this system around me. I do know with the 9600 control channel it's normally 12.5 from what i have read with P-25.

I really wish the manufacturers would make these to where they automatically do everything without dealing with all these special settings.

The system is a EF Johnson system in which i believe is working smartnet/smartzone. I have confirmed that the mobiles and the handhelds are compabible with other P-25 and "legacy" backward interoperability.

It's a military system operating between 163 and 174 mhz. There are two control channels from what i have been able to tell so far over time.

When the control channel is set into bank 0 and mode is set to MO, Im not getting a system ID after the 96: .

All the frequencies in the system are in the clear with exception to one or two that are protected with encryption. The frequencies are in the 12.5 spacing.

I can hear what i want, but the thing is not tracking the system. I know it probably has to do with the base and offset settings. As with the system ID not showing im not sure. The ID's show up with other systems i monitor. Hope someone can help. Thanks, John.


Jan 6, 2003
We have an EF Johnson system here in Pittsburgh as well. They are capable of programming this differently than most trunked systems. It can be very tricky to program to trunk right, but it can be done.

First do you have Pro96com? If not you can get it on the Pro96Com Yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/PRO96COM/ If you do have it run Pro96com on the system. Take a look at the system information. If the frequencies show up as 00-00000 851.00625, 01-0000 -1.000, 02-0000 -1.000. Frequencies show up without complete channel numbers Just 00-0000, 01-0000, 02-000 etc and the frequency only shows up as -1.000 escept channel 00-000 which will show up as 851.00625 you will have to use custom tables.

If thats not the case, then setting the propper base, offset, and step will work. If it is like above then you will need to create a custom table. To be honest I don't understand the table stuff enough to help you. There are some extremely knowlegeable people on the Pro96com group. If you post the known frequencies (and there will be one for each channel number in the system) and a file from Pro96com you got while looking at the system, they may be able to give you the settings for this. It would further help if you would be able to correlate a frequency to the channel number to assist in making the table complete.

I've made that about as clear as mud I believe.

Frank K3FSS
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