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Pageboy II model numbering

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Apr 14, 2014
Hi all,

i am from germany and currently working on a website regarding fire pagers. You certainly know that the Pageboy II was very famous at his time, also in germany. (Current draft can be seen here: Motorola Pageboy II - BOS-FME.INFO)

There were only two licensed models of the Pageboy, which were used as fire pagers. The model numbers are:


As listed here Table of Motorola model number suffixes - a Rosetta Stone article, the model number decodes to:

---- Country Code (optional)
MA = Malaysia
AD = ??????
---- Packaging/Mounting
A = Pager
---- Power
0 = Receiver only
---- Frequency band
2 = 66-88 MHz
---- Model suffix
FNC = Pageboy II
---- Model options
2568 = ??????
---- Revision
A = First Revision
---- Accessory Package
N = None


As you can see on the technical details, the ADA version has a much narrower frequency range and a fixed channel spacing. The ADA version fits exactly to the german fire radio frequency band!


These three type labels were from german pagers. As you can see, they all were of ADA type and have some fixed digits in the model number.

These facts lead me to some questions and i will be glad, if you can help me in answering them!

- Whats is the country code AD? Could it be Germany? And could the ADA version be a specialised Version for the german market?
- Can someone decode the model options 2568? I have seen 1568 and 2468 also. Based on the type labels, the xx68 could be fix. What does they mean? And what are the first two digits for?
- There is a tone only version in the USA with only a On/Off switch on top of the housing. Has this version the model suffix "CAC" ? In every case?
- The mentioned website for decoding model numbers lists also "DNC" for Pageboy II. What is the difference to "FNC"?

Very many thanks in advance!
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