Palmetto 800 site changes

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DB Administrator
Database Admin
Dec 10, 2000
South Carolina
Is there anyone in the Bamberg and/or Orangeburg areas that can confirm site numbers and active control channels for these two sites? I passed through Orangeburg on I-26 today and noted that the control channel for Orangeburg site had changed from 853.925 to 853.9875. This new frequency had been reported previously as a Secondary/Alternate control channel for the site. Looking at my DSD+ logs, I note that the site number has changed from 2-38 to 2-39. I also note that the Bamberg site is listed as a neighbor to the Orangeburg site as Site 2-76 rather than site 2-67, and with a control channel of 851.850 rather than 853.8125.

I'd like to get these changes independently confirmed before I make the changes in the RRDB to ensure I'm not misreading or mis-interpreting my logs.
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