Panhandle submissions - Need help

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Aug 23, 2002
I recently received several panhandle submissions that I cannot verify, and the submitter has not responded for clarification questions. If anyone is in the area and knows of these, please reply here.

Cheyenne County:
All county public safety is on a DMR System. However, no information about the DMR and conventional channels was provided. Anyone know the details?

Perkins County:
Sheriff is now DMR. Unclear if its on the same freq or another. No details were given

Garden County:
Fire/EMS paging is 157.4500. Is there a PL tone?

Keith County:
158.98 is not longer EMS dispatch. There are two listings (different PLs). Are both no longer good or just one of them?

155.775 is "west fire". Is there an east fire?

"Fire I.C." 155.3850 - Is this a fireground channel or?

Any help to fill in the blanks would be great.
Not open for further replies.