Paragould/Greene County Area Frequency's CHANGING...

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Nov 27, 2006
Paragould/Greene County AR
I have just gotten word in the local newspaper that the mayor and local authorities have applied a grant with the FCC to not change but add some new frequencies in the VHF radio spectrum to their fire, police, ems, etc. fleet, IF funding for this is unavailable then they are seeking funding for UHF frequencies which the city currently own but very rarely use.. I have these, if this is the case I will release them, if they change it will take awhile but I will get them eventually, so anyone in this area that gets word or something about it, BE SURE spread it around....ESPECIALLY the FIRE frequencies.. These are the most important to me...

It will probably be awhile before this takes effect, Looking at probably a year before the grants/frequency assignments are issued... More as it is put out...They're trying to keep them quiet but I'll see what I can do...

If you ask me, IF they're going to swap anyway they'd just be better off swapping over to AWIN NOW instead of having to go back and do it later.. But that's my opinion, This city would rather spend $$ twice as just once then raise our tax dollars to cover the spent costs...

Anyways, Anymore comes out, Stand By For That..I'll be sure post for you arkansans that are intersted, I'm sure there's a few out there..
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