Parkesburg Boro Chester County PA

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Jan 21, 2010
Chester County, Pennsylvania
By Parkesburg Fire Company No. 1 May 17, 2010 This morning just after 2 am Station 28, Station 26, Station 29, and Station 31 were alerted to 10 East First Avenue for the building fire. Deputy 28 responded and was advised that the police were onscene confirming a building fully involved. Deputy 28 arrived onscene and reported a single story building with smoke throughout and a working fire inside the structure. Engine and Tower/Ladder 28 responded shortly after Deputy 28.

Engine 28 layed into the scene with a supply line and upon arrival pulled an attack line to the front door. Tower/Ladder 28 arrived and set up and prepared for roof operations if needed. Engine 28's crew advanced in the structure and made quick work of the fire. Engine 26-1 secured Engine 28's water supply. Engine 31-2 arrived and was placed to the rear of the structure by command and deployed an attack line to check for extension. All other manpower from 29 and 31 were placed in service in the building to check for extension. Crews began opening up and checking for extension and completing extensive overhaul of the building. Lieutenant Schreiber reported back to command with the fire knocked down and negative extension. The Fire was placed under control by the command at 0241 AM. After completing extensive overhaul Deputy 28 began releasing units that were onscene to return to service.

This incident is still under investigation by the Chester County Fire Marshal's, PA State Police Fire Marshal's and the Parkesburg Police Department. Any and All questions regarding the incident should be directed to those agencies.

** Pictures Courtesy of FF/EMT Mike McWilliams Units: Tower/Ladder 28, Engine 28, Squad 28, Deputy Chief 28 Mutual Aid: Station 29, Station 26, Station 31, LC Station 4-2, Medic 93-3, Squad 5-2, Chester County and PA State Police Fire Marshal's, and Parkesburg Police Department
Crews advancing on the Fire
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