Part 90 - Storm Spotting Spreadsheet/Database

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Dec 13, 2003
Near Lakeview, LA (Caddo Parish)

I thought I'd post this and for those of you whom are interested can take it up. I've been a Senior Storm Spotter for over 30 years here in the ArkLaTex. We get tornado's as well as hurricanes, here in the Northwest corner of Louisiana. :lol:

Here is a suggestion you may wish to try. I'm going through the F.C.C. Part 90, Public Safety section and pulling off information on the Fire/Police/EMS agencies within a 250 mile radius of Blanchard, LA. This includes low-band VHF (30-50 MHz); high-band VHF, (150-172 MHz); lo-band UHF (406-470 MHz); 700 MHZ trunked; and 800 MHZ trunked.

Now, I know no matter HOW tall my tower and antennas are, I'm NOT going to hear everyone of the stations, especially those with low power. However, I am sharing the information with interested Skywarn organizations, Disaster Groups, & RACES Clubs within that circle. The F.C.C. database is NOT up-to-date, nor always correct...fair warning. The ONLY way you're gonna get accuracy is to monitor those frequencies your interested in, or scan to hear what you can hear. If you happen to hear a particular station, log it and let the others in your group know that so-&-so has moved to 700 MHz or changed frequencies within that band.

There are a LOT of VHF low-band frequencies that have grown dark either because that agency moved to a different band, went cell 'phone or their license expired. Then too, some's licenses have expired and they are using them, illegally, :lol:

Now, let me suggest you NOT monitor these frequencies 24/7/365. It won't make you popular with your spouse or family. There's no need to put
a slew of scanners and antennas on your vehicle and look like Whip City, and no light bars or sirens, UNLESS you are a member of a police department or Volunteer Fireman.

When I was able, I never ran to incidents. I stayed away and let the guys and gals do their jobs. Now, because of my disability, I can't drive anymore and have to rely on others to take me places, mainly the doctors, LOL!

Oh, if you know how to make a relationalship database using M$ Excel, I'd really appreciate some "help". Mine is all in spreadsheets. :lol::(

I may get in 'trouble' for this, but if you live within the 250 mile radius, send me an e-mail with your name, "callsign" and mailing address. I don't have a working printer, so I'd send you the spreadsheets via e-mail. If I get a flood of request, please be patient.

Well, it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, so I think I'll go outside and gather up some antenna-making tools.


e-mail: Area(dot)5(dot)Wx(dot)Group(at)gmail(dot)com
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