Pasadena Encryption

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Nov 19, 2008
Pimp County, Neveda
Like I said in the previous threads about Pasadena and their encryption. You can encrypt everything you want and drug smugglers are just going to go around the encryption. Just keep smiling you dumb chief.

Pasadena continues to deny access to police radio traffic - Pasadena Star-News

The mexican drug cartel have it all figured out. A small city like Pasadena would get crippled if this city was a border town.

Nice little article to read how the border patrol can not keep up with the drug cartels. They have their own radio network setup. Sweet. I love it. The motto for the day should be if you can't beat em join em. HAHA. I bet Motorola sold the Mexican government the radio equipment and then the Mexican government provided it to the cartel. Sweet. Everybody is just getting paid.

Drug cartels have better communications than CBP's 'advanced' radio network - Nextgov
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