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Pasco police signal codes

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Jun 28, 2006
seminole fl
10-18 Complete Quickly
10-18X Respond With Lights, No Siren
10-27 DL / Records Check
10-31 In Pursuit
10-34 Jailbreak
10-35 Transporting To
10-40 Out For Meal At
10-41 In Possession Of
10-43 Any Information For
10-44 Pick Up Papers At
10-45 Send In Reports
10-49 Serving Warrant
10-53 Return To Sector
10-57 Remain In Service
10-58 HAZMAT Inquiry
10-60 Assist Motorist
10-61 Need Supervisor
10-62 Need camera On scene
10-63 Open Mike
10-64 Need Crime Lab At____
10-67 Serving Civil Process
10-68 Contact Public Information Officer
10-69 Deputy Held At Gun Point
10-72 Send Helicopter
10-75 Station Clear
10-76 Send A Backup
10-77 Do You Need Help?
10-79 Don't Send Any Further Units
10-80 Prepare A Field Interrogation Report
10-81 Hold Until I Arrive
10-88 Where Can____Be Reached?
10-91 Pick Up Scene
there you go my friend thats for pasco county.. you can also find more about tampa bay area frequencies and codes here...


Feb 1, 2006
Holiday, Fl
WOW that was fast.

Thank you for your list of 10 codes. I will get back to you as I have someone working on the list of "signal codes" and I will be sure to share them with you.
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