Passaic County Fire Mutual Aid System.

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Mar 4, 2013
New Jersey
The has been talk over the past few years, Passaic County in North Jersey would be implementing their own Countywide Fire Mutual Aid and Interops System very similar to the Essex County UHF FMA system. There was a FMA system on low band years ago on 46.160 (Though Still Licensed WPDA676 is unused) when most of the county town FDs were themselves on low band and was also used by the county HAZMAT team.
However, with most towns migrating to higher frequencies VHF/UHF/800 Mhz some digital P25 over the last 10 years. This low band frequency was discontinued. Where would this system turn up if implemented?

Over this past holiday weekend we found out. There was a 7 alarm fire at an apartment complex in Passaic. Surrounding town mutual aid companies responded. As the fire progressed, heard radio traffic by County Fire Coordinators organizing two relief Fire Task forces drawing on Fire resources from central and northern county towns to stage and respond to the Passaic Fire as necessary.

I monitored one coordinator stating "we are finally using this system what it was designed for..." I am assuming this was a first time "actual" use of the system.

I have made the change in the RR data base. The county has re-purposed their VHF repeater system formerly assigned to probation officers to FMA.

KNFR247 151.0700 PL 88.5

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