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Nov 16, 2011
Altoona, PA
My buddy and I are working on a project to be able to use the ALE software to transfer data across town to each other over HF. Right now we don't actually have radios for this but were simply trying to test the PC ALE software and get a feel for it.

I have some working knowledge of radio communications and from everything I've read PC ALE uses your PCs soundcard to encode and decode data while the radio does the work of passing it to and from the distant ends. We attempted to connect our soundcards (PC1 mic in - speaker out PC2 etc) and tried to make a call.

We haven't been able to connect. My first question is that would it even be possible for this setup to work? From what I understand I was under the impression that it should because the data should be encoded, transported via an analog medium (copper wire) and decoded on the second PC. Neither one of our PCs seems to 'hear' the other calling. However the tones do register in the tone box. It's almost as if the program just isn't decoding the data.

I'm also thinking impedance may be a possibility...that too strong of a signal is being pushed between the computers and therefore cannot be interpreted by the program.

Any ideas?
Not open for further replies.