Pentagon kills Boeing Army radio program

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Oct 12, 2007
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Would not make a difference anyway. Boeing does not have a chance anyway, they should realize that.
Harris has the tactial end of Military comms sewed up, and conventioal LMR goes to Motorola. Anyone else may get a bid; but it would be peanuts to what Harris and Motorola get. Government bidding is a wonder to the eye. Keep in mind, they don't have to accept a bid. Politics, Congressman, Senators, beer buddies, golf companions..ect..ect dictate the Government bidding process. You can read any GAO report and find that out. The GAO criticises and criticizes for terrible and over zealous spending..BUT is anything ever done about it? NO. That is what I said in prior posts. The GAO needs to hand the report adn facts over to the appropriate Inspector Generals office ( DOJ, Army, Navy, Air Force..ect..ect ) and let the IG"s office walk in and deal with it.

Reform this and reform that. DC and the rest of the potato heads on the belt way need to get it together. One President cleaning up previous admininstrations will get much, much, much more harder, till it will be next to impossible to correct the mistakes of past administrations, and even costing more.

Let teh Government cut and fix. But it does not need to happen to defense. Cause when a war or conflcit arises, it cost just as more to regain troop strength and equipment, than what was initally saved. Does Bill Clinton come to mind?

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