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Person caught fire in Odenton apartment (Anne Arundel County)

Feb 16, 2016
Arnold, MD
Box Alarm 28-04: 1208 Odenton Rd, Odenton, MD Apt. 209
RE28, E451, E452 (RIT), E272, E211, E51 (added for staffing [RE28 understaffed with 2])
Q43, T29
M29, M27 (added for reported entrapment), M44 (requested by EMS4)
Safety 5
FM862, FM867
MSP Trooper 2

Mutual Aid: Fort Meade (E451, E452)/BWI Airport (Q43)
Talkgroup: Kilo (fire), Lima (EMS operations)

Rescue Engine 28 arrived on scene of the 4-story apartments with nothing showing. Initial call was an apartment fire with entrapment so Medic 27 was added as additional ALS to the box. A female patient in apartment 209 was found with 2nd-degree burns to her chest, legs, and face. Fire Alarm early-activated the MSP Trooper as RE28 was arriving.

RE28 advised there was no active fire and initiated evacuation of occupants due smoke on Division 2. EMS4 took command (later taken by Battalion Chief 4) and advised MSP TRP2 landing zone at Odenton Elementary School. Engine 272 was in front of the school already and took L/Z contact duties. Medic 29 was handling the burn victim. Eventually, BC4 advised remaining occupants not-yet-evacuated remain sheltered-in-place.

The cause of the fire was a trash bag next to the oven that caught fire. 1 additional person originally put out the fire and was treated by Medic 27 for smoke inhalation. EMS4 requested 2 additional ALS units to assist M27 (ALS from Engine 51 + Medic 44 from BWI Airport).

Burn patient is an 84 year old female transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview.

Transfers: E64 to Station 28, Howard T6 to Station 29, Howard E11 to Station 21, M40 to Station 5.