Phoenix area freqs for a Newby??

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Apr 9, 2009
Can someone please tell me the short list of say 3 to five of the most active scanner freqs I can listen to from my location in North Scottsdale, AZ? Cant seem to find any that are busy. I don't have a trunking scanner.


Aug 17, 2003
Peoria, AZ.
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Scottsdale PD is no longer on the Maricopa County system, and hasn't been for several years. Along with Phoenix, Tempe, Chandler and most of the West Valley PD's, they're on the Regional Wireless Cooperative (RWC) P25 simulcast system. You'll need a P25 capable scanner for that. Simulcast H is Scottsdale's primary simulcast on the RWC.

Scottsdale FD, along with at least 16 other FD's, is dispatched by the Phoenix Regional Fire Alarm Center. EMS and mountain rescue calls are handled on the RWC. Fire and Hazmat calls are still analog VHF FM:
154.190 A-1 Regional Dispatch
153.830 A-5 Northeast Phoenix Fireground
154.145 A-7 Tempe Fireground
153.770 A-8 Southeast Phoenix Fireground
154.025 A-11 Scottsdale/Paradise Valley Fireground

DPS on the Pima/Price Loop 101 (from Scotttsdale Rd to the Loop 202 Santan) as well as other East Valley freeways, can be heard on Metro East 460.200, and Metro East Tac 460.175. Metro Central is 460.325. Metro West is 460.300 and Metro West Tac is 460.150. CID is on 460.275 and (primarily) 460.500. DPS Statewide and State Tac is 460.225. Capitol District officers are on 460.4625. (This channel may at times be patched with any of the Metro channels or with District 11, just FYI.) District 11 covers the AZ 87 (Beeline Highway enroute to Payson) on 460.475.

Paradise Valley PD is analog FM on 857.9625.

Rural-Metro FD covers Carefree, Cave Creek, Fountain Hills and unincorporated areas of the county:
154.370 Ch 2 Dispatch & Tactical
155.805 Ch 3 Fountain Hills Tactical
154.400 Ch 5 Tactical
These are your best choices. Only channel 2 is a repeater, the rest are simplex, with the exception of ch 9 which covers the West Valley

Salt River PD & FD (453.575, 453.725, 460.1125, 460.1375, 460.1625); Ft. McDowell PD & FD (411.675, 408.475, 154.085, 154.725); and Southwest Ambulance (155.235 paging, 462.975 ch 11 East Valley, plus others) are about the only other agencies you can hear without a digital scanner.

Mesa Fire dispatches themselves, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Queen Creek and Rio Verde FD's. Dispatches can still be heard on 154.340, but, along with Mesa, Gilbert and Apache Junction PD's, everything else is on the TOPAZ Regional Wireless Cooperative, which is also a P25 simulcast system.

I would put in the Phoenix FD, Rural-Metro FD and DPS Metro East frequencies above to start with.

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