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Phone to Router to NX-300 Configuration

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May 1, 2017
Appleton, WI
Good afternoon.

Let me just start by saying I'm a complete noob when it comes to this stuff. When our radio guru retired I became the guy. Lucky me, but in all honesty its kind of a challenge I relish. So we've gotten a few new radios in and I've been able to transfer an existing configuration to the new radios no problem and what not with the KPG-111DN software. With one exception...

So we have a router at our facility that we can dial into via the phone network and then dial a radio number to talk to the person with that radio over the phone. I have scoured the configuration software for this information and I can't find it. I've tried Googling various search terms and it always leads me to this forum. So why not ask right? So right now I've got a few radios that have all the functionality of the old ones but without being able to dial them via the phone network. I'm hoping that I'm simply missing these settings in the pile of acronyms that I'm trying to figure out what they mean. But any information would be helpful.


Premium Subscriber
Jul 14, 2002
Greetings as well.

From the sounds of it, if you have a PSTN going to either Model 30 Worldpatch or a KTI-4, OR you have a 3rd party
interface that then uses DTMF to ring the radio, there are a lot of variables that are missing in order
to obtain the proper path to go by.

Are you on a trunk Radio system (KTI-4 would be the phone interface and the KPG-110SM is where we need to talk you through)

KTI-4 Spec's
•Available only for NEXEDGE® digital trunking systems using the NXR-700/800/900 repeaters.
•Provides access to incoming and outgoing PSTN/PABX telephone calls when used in conjunction with a telephone patch panel.
•Serves as an Ethernet-based interface between the NEXEDGE® digital trunking system and an analog telephone patch panel
Main Features
•Can be installed off-site using an IP network connection to the NEXEDGE® system.
•Up to 100 telephony lines per system; six lines per site.
•DTMF control via AUX jack.
•Customizable DTMF command set and tone timer for telephone patch.
•Browser-based remote KTI-4 settings via the IP network.
•Individual telephone calling.
•Speed dial.
•Configurable call restrictions (long-distance, international, etc.).
•AMBE+2™ vocoder for digital audio speech conversion.
•NXDN® encryption included
•Status LEDs: Power, Communications, Full-Duplex, 100 Base-TX.

For an NXR-x10 Series, you could have a Model 30 WorldPatch, that is capable of
Half or Full Duplex calls in either Analog or Digital modes.
(the 2 companies I have these at are running 6.25 Digital, and it's a Extension rather than a DID so
any one who hears the ringing, can * to answer)
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