Pi-Star Beacon Interval


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Feb 5, 2007
Lancaster, NY
I'm looking for some advice here... I see that my Pi-Star hot spot transmits an APRS beacon (in which I have placed the coordinates) exactly every 20 minutes (DMR). This is displayed on APRS.fi. I can turn the beacon on and off successfully, BUT what I can't do, is alter the interval in which it gets transmitted. In the expert mode, under MMDVM Host, then under DMR, you can find "Beacons," and "Beacon Interval." The default is set to 60 (I have no idea if this is minutes or seconds). I've changed this in both directions (higher and lower), but it still doesn't change the transmitted interval.

The beacon transmits itself even if there is no activity on the hotspot. In other words it can sit not monitoring any talk groups, OR not receiving on RF from my radio.

I guess what I'm after is a place to go (website?) that explains all the toggles and info in the export modes.

Any ideas???

Thanks and 73.