Pima county trunked

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Dec 19, 2002
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Blkops said:
I had a thread in the military forum, and now I found this. I'm having a similar problem wth my Pima County trunked system. making the scrambled noice.....


System Name: Pima County Public Safety
Location: Pima County, AZ
County: Pima
System Type: LTR Multinet
This one you will not be able to follow with any single scanner. The system can be followed, but requires the use of two radios and a computer to follow it. It's obviously not very portable.

You'll have to tap the discriminator on one radio, and have a second computer tuneable radio to output the signal to make it work. This requires a little bit of knowledge before you can be successful with this one....

The information is found in the WIKI under the Trunking section, as far the computer program that you will need to have to trunk track Pima County.
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