Stations Pirates on Halloween


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Jul 22, 2002
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Don't forget with Oct 31 coming around, pirates are almost sure to show up. The range around 6200-6300 and 6800-7000 have been active lately, but beware of broadcasters that creep in here from time to time. 2 places to check for up to date info are the HF Underground and the Extreme SW Listening Facebook group, and undoubtedly there are more (don't be shy about naming them!). Sometimes these stations will use SSTV, and we have a number of apps that can handle this mode listed in section 5 of HF Software Decoders - The RadioReference Wiki

And if you're trying for EuroPirates but your setup isn't cutting it, you can always use a web receiver. We have some links for that here...

and more and more, they are using eQSLs...