Pitkin County fire clarification needed

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Aug 23, 2002
Had a PM from a visitor that the fire channels under the county listing "do not appear" correctly. There was some old description text that did seem confusing and/or non-informational. I did try to clean it up a little, but if anyone has knownledge on the channel plan/usage for the county, please let me know so I can update the database.



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Feb 8, 2004
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Pitkin Fire agencies

What sort of questions?

Things are slightly in flux at the moment as they are working towards switching over to the State DTRS system, was scheduled for mid June, but I doubt they have any chance of making that date.
Looks like they have patched the DTRS Talkgroup for Pitkin Fire Dispatch to COFIRE.
Likewise they have patched the Pitkin Law Dispatch to the Red Mountain VHF Channel.

The VHF system consists of a county wide fire channel that is voted, and simulcasted. It's called COFIRE (countywide fire), and has three channels. COFIRE 1 is 151.070 and simulcasted from Red Mt in Aspen, Sunlight Peak near Carbondale and from downtown Basalt at the fire station. COFIRE 2 is the 155.7875 and simulcasted from the Carbondale FD Station in Marble, and Crown Mountain above El Jebel. COFIRE 3 is 153.950 - what used to be called 'Elephant' on Elephant Mt near Redstone, and also from the Basalt FD Thomasville Fire station. They all use the same input frequency which is voted, and all simulcast the same traffic out. The field units pick the Channel that provides them the best coverage for their location (COFIRE 1, 2, or 3).

Each department has their own channel/repeater. Initial dispatch calls are simulcasted on the departments channel, and COFIRE. All status updates and traffic to dispatch is done on COFIRE, and the units do car to car traffic (sometimes extensive since they are combo paid/volunteer), on their department channel, both repeater and simplex.

Aspen Fire channel has two VHF repeaters one on Red Mt, and one on Ajax (Aspen Mt), selected by a distinct PL for each repeater.
Basalt Fire has three VHF repeaters (also distinct PL tones), Primary is on Crown Mt, one on Williams Hill, one above Thomasville at a TV Translator site.
Carbondale Fire has the 'Crystal' channel which is a simulcast transmitters and voted receivers in Carbondale at the fire station, and in Marble at the fire station. Since most of their activity is in Garfield County, they have been a mostly 800 DTRS user on the Garfield TGs. They don't do much VHF traffic, other than the initial pages, however their Garfield Co Fire Tac 8 TG is patched full time to Crystal channel.

You can delete the MED 4 - it was removed a few years back, and all the ambulance reports are on the DTRS TG for Aspen Valley Hospital or Valley View Hospital in Glenwood Springs.

Not sure there is an easy way to convey all of that in the data base listing, but that's the scoop.

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